The Hill

And the sewer lateral upgrades

What Is "The Hill":

"The Hill" is considered to be the houses located along Lincoln Drive & Blair Street area east of Sycamore Road -- where the road starts going up the hill. This area is in zip code 17754. Montoursville, Pennsylvania,

Purpose Of This Page:

This web page is to primarily support the PRIVATE residents-only Yahoo Discussion Listserver Group, which is mainly for discussion about sewer lateral upgrades that are apparently required to be completed by May 2010.

Contents Of 17754.org Website

  1. Photos-Aerial

    There are 2 aerial view images, provided by Loyalsock Township. One image shows the top half of the hill, and the other image shows the bottom half.

    Note there's a big and small version of each of the images.

    Click here to browse the directory (4 images total).

  2. Photos - Current

  3. Photos - Historic
    (page also contains link to full size versions)

  4. Note: The Yahoo Group is no longer used.

    About the  DISCONTINUED Yahoo Group

    for Hill residents only


Loyalsock Township Supervisors website
Sewer Inspection Coordinator
Andrew Nagy, 322-6213
Asst. Jan Hoffman
Link to Township's PDF document describing the sewer upgrades (bad link now)

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