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[BilltownDance] Yahoo Group

Dear [BilltownDance] Member,

THANKS for being a part of the North Central Pennsylvania [BilltownDance] Listserver email network.
This message is sent to all subscribers upon joining, and periodically thereafter to the entire list.
If you're new to the group or want a quick refresher on how this email group works, please read on!
This message contains essential knowledge for all members and will answer MANY common new-user questions, so please take the time to browse the whole message.
If you have any questions about any of the below information
please telephone me using the contact info at the end of this message.
Setting up some of the operations described below may require you to CONSULT with someone familiar with them; going into all the necessary details is beyond the scope of this document.
Sections Below:
1. Introduction
2. Automatic Message Sorting
3. Unsubscribing
4. Re-Subscribing (when your address changes)
5. Accessing The Message Archives
6. How You Can Help 'Grow' This Listserver
7. Contacting the Volunteer Moderator


 WELCOME to the "BilltownDance" Yahoo Group,
 This file is being automatically sent to you by the Yahoo eGroup Listserver because you have joined -- or else a moderator has added your name to the group.

The purpose of this volunteer-operated system -- is to provide a FREE announcement service, for all ballroom, swing, and singles dances in the Williamsport, Pennsylvania region.
See the associated web page at BilltownDance.com , for links to Yahoo groups in OTHER cities.



A Listserver (aka Yahoo eGroup) works similar to a newspaper.
When an announcment is sent,
the Listserver automatically distributes it to all 'subscribers'.
It's almost the perfect system, because:

IDENTIFICATION -- The Listserver automatically adds the 'subject tag' [BilltownDance] at the beginning of the subject line, so you will know the message come to you via the Listserver.



This group is set up to be 'announce only',
so only 'approved announcers' can post announcements.
I.e., it is not a discussion group.


HELP -- Additional information on how the Listserver operates
is on the 'Listserver Help' web page .


We recommend you create a separate email mailbox named '[BilltownDance]' or similar. Then use your email program to create a 'Rule' (sometimes called 'filter') that will automatically sort any incoming messages with 'Subject Tag' of ''[BilltownDance]" into that mailbox.
All email programs have this filtering capability. Setting up this Rule will prevent Inbox clutter from Listserver messages accumulating in your Inbox.


You can UNSUBSCRIBE from this group any time
you no longer want to receive these announcements.
You simply send a blank email (no subject, no body)
to the 'unsubscribe address',
dances-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com .
Then just hit the 'Reply' button in response to the confirmation request that Yahoo will send you.
This 'unsubscribe address' will also be in the 'Moderators Notes'
at the bottom of most every email, for your convenient reference. 


You can also SUBSCRIBE a new address to this group any time.
You simply send a blank email (no subject, no body)
to the 'subscribe address'
dances-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .
Then just hit the 'Reply' button in response to the confirmation request that Yahoo will send you.
Be sure you send this request using your NEW address, because the Listserver performs the requested action for whatever email address you are using.
This 'subscribe address' will also be in the 'Moderators Notes
at the bottom of every email you receive from the Listserver. 
Please try to do this 'resubscribing' process yourself. It's not that difficult.
If you ask a volunteer to do this task for you, then they have to stop what they are doing, and essentially spend time "digitally wiping your rear end" for you.


Options (If you belong to more than 1 Yahoo group)

Alternate Method 1: Yahoo ID -- Note that if you belong to multiple Yahoo groups and your email address changes:
You can update the address ONCE in Yahoo, rather than having to unsubscribe and resubscribe to several groups.
To do this, you first need to get a 'Yahoo ID', then 'link' it to your actual email address using your Yahoo 'Profile'. Consult someone familiar with this process for more info.
Alternate Method 2: Gmail Address -- Another method is to get a free Gmail address from Google (Gmail.com), and subscribe it to any Yahoo groups you belong to. Then you can forward the Gmail address to your actual address.
 Then if your actual address changes, you just change the forwarding address ONCE in Gmail, and all your Listserver messages are now forwarded to your new address.
Hotmail gets bad reviews, and is NOT recommended.



The Yahoo Listserver automatically makes an 'archive web page copy' of every announcement sent in the "Message Archives".
You can browse these archives messages by going to the 'Listserver Home Page'
( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dances ) ;
then use the 'Messages' link in the left menu bar to view messages.


Any time you attend a new event you saw on this Listserver,
where you have not been before and are a "new face",
please tell the organizers
"I saw your announcement on the Listserver",
so that they know their announcements are being seen.
Encourage your friends to subscribe themselves.
The larger the membership, the better the chances that
publicity people will be motivated to use the Listserver.
This should be a "win-win". The more you motivate announcers to post events,
the more events you'll have to choose from.


Any questions not answered by this message,
please email me a telephone number,
or leave a message on my below voicemail number.
(I do not like trying to conduct discussions by typing lots of email.)
THANKS, Listserver Moderator, James R. Ingram, Williamsport PA
Voicemail/landline: (570) 322-7597.
Email address at bottom of Track2 Home Page