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Dear Member,

Sections Below:
A. The Key Points
B. Overview
C. Unsubscribing
D. Re-Subscribing (when your address changes)
E. Additional Listserver Information
F. Contacting the Volunteer Moderator


  1. If you have any questions about any of the below information
    please telephone or email me, the volunteer Moderator, James Ingram, using the contact info at the end of this message.
  2. Terminology: In this message, the term "Listserver" will be used interchangeably with "Yahoo Group", "group, and "electronic mailing list". (See Wikipedia definition for Listserve for more info.) 

    == A. THE KEY POINTS ======

  3. On Topic: Please avoid sending OFF TOPIC messages. Messages are OFF TOPIC if they do not pertain to automatic controls for 2-rail model railroad systems.
    * See the AutoControls.org Listserver Page's
    Control's Included/Excluded Section for more details about "on topic" versus "off topic".

  4. Excessive Messages: Please avoid sending excessive messages, as people will unsubscribe if they get too many messages with content that is not useful to them.

    * Members sending off topic or excessive messages may be put on "moderated" status or have their posting privileges suspended, to protect the "integrity" of the group.

  5. Sending Messages: This group is configured to be 'discussion', so all members can post messages.
    I.e., it is not a "announcement" group, where only specified members can send announcements.

    * To Send: You can send a message to the entire group by using the address autocontrols@yahoogroups.com . Put this address in your address book, so it will always be correct.
    This 'posting address' will also be in the 'Moderators Notes'
    at the bottom of every email, for your convenient reference. 

  6. Signature Required: Please consult your email program's 'Help' section, and set up a "signature" that automatically adds your real name and city to the bottom of the email. REASON: So we can tell who you are, and where you're at -- example "James Ingram, Williamsport Pa".
    * Emails identified only by something like "knarffel@yahoo.com" do not suffice. If you're in the witness protection program, you probably don't belong in this Group.

  7. Attachment Size: Please try to restrict attachment size to 100 Kbytes or less, whenever possible. REASON: Members with dial-up telephone modems will be inconvenienced by the long download times.

  8. Message Archives: The Yahoo Listserver automatically stores an 'archive copy' of every announcement sent in the "Message Archives".
    * These archives are currently set to be public. Thus interested non-members (web surfers) can go to the '
    Yahoo Groups 'AutoControls' Home Page' ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/autocontrols );
    and browse the messages by using the 'Messages' link in the left menu bar.

  9. == B. OVERVIEW ======

  10. Message Identification -- The Listserver automatically adds the 'subject tag' [AutoControls] at the beginning of the subject line, so you will know the message came to you via the Listserver.

  11. Separate Mailbox & Sorting Rule:
    To avoid cluttering your inbox: We suggest you set up a separate mailbox named 'AutoControls' or similar, then create a 'Mail Rule' to automatically sort messages from this Listserver into the separate mailbox (Consult your email program's 'Help'.)

  12. Address Privacy: Note that other members cannot see your address, UNLESS you send a message.
    * If you send a message, other subscribers will see your address in the 'From' field, as well as any addresses that you 'CC'.
    * Note that if you send a message, the first part of your address will show in the message archives, but the last part (the domain) will not show, so Spammers cannot get your whole address.
    * As always, we recommend using a separate address for these Yahoo groups.

    == C. UNSUBSCRIBING ======

  13. You can UNSUBSCRIBE from this group any time
    you no longer want to receive announcements from this Listserver.

    We hope you won't unsubscribe, but you always have that option.

    You simply send a blank email (no subject, no body)
    to the 'unsubscribe address',
    . . . . . autocontrols-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com .
    . . . . . . . . . . (case insensitive)

    Then just hit the 'Reply' button in response to the confirmation request that Yahoo will send you.
    This 'unsubscribe address' will also be in the 'Moderators Notes'
    at the bottom of every email, for your convenient reference. 

    == D. RE-SUBSCRIBING ======

  14. This group is PRIVATE, so you cannot re-subscribe yourself.
    You'll need to get your new address to Jim Ingram, or whoever is the current moderator.
    * Members who change addresses frequently, are encouraged to use one of the two following methods, to avoid creating unnecessary work for the volunteer moderators.

    ~~~~~~ Re-subscribing When You Belong To Multiple Yahoo Groups, or Change Addresses Often

  15. Alternate Method 1: Yahoo ID:
    Note that if you belong to multiple Yahoo groups and your email address changes.
    * You can update the address ONCE in your Yahoo section, rather than having to unsubscribe and resubscribe to several groups.
    * To do this, you first need to get a 'Yahoo ID', then 'link' it to your actual email address using your Yahoo 'Profile'. Consult Yahoo help pages, or someone familiar with this process for more info.

  16. Alternate Method 2: Gmail Address:
    Another method is to get a free Gmail address from Google (Gmail.com),
    and subscribe it to any Yahoo groups you belong to. Then you can forward the Gmail address to your actual address.
    Then if your actual address changes again, you just change the forwarding address ONCE in Gmail, and all your Listserver messages are now forwarded to your new address.

  17. Hotmail gets bad reviews, and is NOT recommended.


  18. Yahoo's Yahoo Group Help Pages
  19. Ingram's web page 'About Yahoo Groups'
  20. Ingram's amateur YouTube Video About Yahoo Groups.
  21. Wikipedia discription for 'Electronic Mailing List'
  22. Wikipedia discription for 'Yahoo Groups'


  23. Any questions not answered by this message,
    please call me on the telephone.
    (I do not like trying to conduct discussions by typing lots of email.)
    THANKS, Listserver Moderator, James R. Ingram, Montoursville PA
    Voicemail/landline: (570) 322-7597.
    Email address at bottom of
    Track2 Home Page