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  • This page is NOT claimed or intended to be complete (not enough time or brainpower).

  • This site "leans" more toward "simplified" controls that a "non-electronics" person like myself can still understand and troubleshoot.

  • See also the NMRA links page for electronics and DCC-related web pages --

    A. Manufacturers

  1. Dallee Electronics
    * PA
    . . . (updated 12/08 J Ingram)

  2. DCC BitSwitch
    * Fred Hughes. 303-674-3114,
    * Evergreen, CO
    * Note most of these controls are for DCC only
    (updated 12/08 J Ingram)

  3. RR-Concepts

    * Curtis Roecks,
    * Oceanside, CA
    (updated 12/08 J Ingram)

  4. Train Electronics
    * Dave Bodnar
    * Pittsburgh PA
    (updated 12/08 J Ingram)

    B. Information Websites

  5. (this website)
    * James Ingram, 570.322-7597,
    * Williamsport, Pa
    * Plans and videos for several types of systems
    (updated 12/08 J Ingram).

  6. G scale AutoControl Circuits, by Ted Ansley --

  7. Upstairs Train Room, by Bob Graves, -- -- the 'semaphore' page discusses controlling AC Gilbert S gauge trains

  8. The Large Scale Trains Page, by George Schreyer -- -- (large scale) Automatic Reversing Loop Controller & Automatic Trolley Controller --

    C. Older Track2 Pages

  9. Ted Rapp's Solid State Relay Designs - -- Ted uses solid state NAIS latching relays and Tortoise switch machines for low cost, reliable automatic control of N, HO, O, & G gauge trains. One of his wiring sketches and part numbers are included in this section.

  10. S Gauge Computer Control

    S Gauge DCC Computer Control
    (on Track2 RailNet)

    (author James Ingram's web page) -- How this operates is way over my head. An electronics wizard named Fred Cupp, rigged up this system for me -- using handmade optical sensors connected to a 386 DOS computer running QuickBasic, to control sounds and speed of a Soundtraxx-equipped S Helper diesel operating on a point to point track. I'm not suggesting you use this type of control, because it's complicated. It's just included here for reference.)
    Contains several MPEGs of the system in operation.

This page modified 12/11/2008. by (bottom include) , Williamsport Pa, Voice Mail 570-322-7597