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This page describes a new Yahoo discussion group for automatic controls
Contents below on this page:
1. How To Subscribe or Unsubscribe
== More Info ==
2. Now Recruiting Members
3. Membership Settings
4. Discussion Restrictions
5. Message Frequency

1. How To Subscribe or Unsubscribe

Use the links and instructions on the "AutoControls.org Subscribing" section of the "Listserver Subscribe Page" . . .

or, use the links on the bottom of the Group's Home Page


== More Info ==

2. Now Recruiting Members

This Group Not Yet Active

This Yahoo group is currently set to "posting off", i.e. INACTIVE.
We am trying to get about twenty or so people interested in joining it, before we "turn it on" for sending messages.

We may or may not be able to interest enough people, to get this Listserver started.

A Unique Group Subject-wise?

As far as we can tell, there is no similar Yahoo or any kind of a discussion group for electromechanical automatic model train control. Please let us know if you find an existing one that we are duplicating.

A Standard Yahoo Group Operations-wise

There are hundreds of Yahoo groups in existence, dedicated to almost any topic you can imagine.
more info about Yahoo groups ] If you want to get an idea of what kind of Groups exist, go to the Groups Home Page, and enter a subject into the search box.


3. Membership Settings

Membership -- By Approval

Membership in this group will be by approval only. This is to keep Spammers out of the list. If your email address looks questionable -- this applies in particular Yahoo & Hotmail addresses -- then we may ask you to send us your phone number and address, so we can verify that you are not a Spammer. (We apologize for the inconvenience, but Spammers will RUIN any Group that they can get into.)

Message Archives -- Members Only

We probably will set the message archives to "members only".
This will keep any information you might exchange -- such as phone numbers -- private.
This means the general public cannot view the web page archives. I.e, to view the web archives, you will need to be a member, and you will also need to have a Yahoo ID to login to view them.

The 14 Original Members

The group currently -- as of February 2007 -- shows 14 members. However, these people joined it back in 2002, for a different purpose of accessing files, which are now freely available on the main website. Thus these original 14 will probably leave once we start sending messages.
For now thees original 14 members serve the purpose of keeping the group from being deleted, as Yahoo will delete inactive groups with too few members.

Leaving The Group

Note you can always unsubscribe yourself from this or any other Yahoo group, any time you like.


4. Discussion Restrictions

Discussion on this list is limited to automatic controls using the "non-electronic" electromechanical systems; i.e. the magnet/reed switch/relay systems (and similar) that LGB uses for G scale, and possible adaptations to other scales.

Discussions about DCC and computer-controlled DCC and G Scale in general are considered "off topic" -- since these are covered extensively on several Yahoo groups devoted to DCC and LargeScale -- unless the discussion relates specifically to Automatic Control.



5. Message Frequency

We anticipate this being a low-volume list. Since most people are already OVERLOADED with too much email, we will discourage any "idle chatter", and encourage less frequent, but WELL-THOUGHT-OUT messages that provide USEFUL INFORMATION to all group members.

This page originated Feb 2007, modified 2/02/2007.. by (bottom include)
JamesRobertIngram.com , Williamsport Pa, Voice Mail 570-322-7597