OLD 1997 Item Descriptions

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All these items are designated DISCONTINUED as of 7/99

  • The price list is for reference only.
  • A few of the written plans are still in stock -- call for availability.

Brief Description of Items Available for Purchase

Item 1 -- Technical Bulletin B9702

Contains 36 pages of discussion, descriptions, photos, logic diagrams, plus 9 key drawings/parts lists (reduced) for: 2-track Automatic Switching Block and 4-track Zellner Yard; list of tape owners & references. Also includes step-by-step plans to build a single-track Automatic Block.

NOTE: The bulletin contains essentially the same information as this website, except the website has more drawings, and more information in the lists of videotape owners.

Item 2 -- Basic Videotapes 1 & 2
(details in Section 3 - Videotapes)

The 2 basic how-they-work tapes

Item 3 -- Additional Videotapes 3, 4, 5, and 6
(details in Section 3 - Videotapes)

4 additional, more-in-depth videotapes

Item 4 -- U_BLD_M Drawing Set for Model 146b Single-Track Experimenter's Block
(details in Section 4 - Description & Drawings for Single Track Block)

Two 11x17 colored drawings & laminated template

Colored, Laminated Template


You can use the Item 4 drawings (or the drawings in Section 4C ) to build this Single-Track Experimenter's Block, in 4 progressive phases.


Item 5 -- U_BLD_M Drawing Set for Model 165, 2-Track Automatic Switching Block
(details in Section 7 - Description 2-Track Block)


13 size 11"x17" drawings, 40 pages of step-by-step instructions, 2 color drawings (control unit template & track unit wiring) plus a laminated color copy of the Control Unit template





This drawing set shows how to construct, test, and operate the two-track Model 165 Automatic Switching Block.

You can use the plans in the above Item 5 to build this 2-track automatic switching block, that controls 3 trains.


Item 8 -- Special Parts Kit for #1651 Control Unit
(details in Section 7 - Description 2-Track Block)

Includes less common parts to build the #1651 Control Unit

Item 9 -- U_BLD_M Drawing Set for 4-Track Zellner Yard
(details in Section 10 - Description Zellner Yard)


11"x17" drawings, step-by-step instructions, 3 color drawings (schematic, helper control unit template, & track unit wiring) plus a laminated color copy of the Helper Control Unit template




This drawing set expands the Model 165 automatic switching block from the 2-track built per Item 5, to the 4-track Zellner Yard version, in 3 incremental phases:

Phase 1, Single Track Unit
Phase 2, 2-Track Unit
Phase 3, 4- Track Unit.

You can use the plans in the above Item 9 to expand the 2-track system (Item 5) to this 4-track Zellner Yard, which controls 5 trains.



== Historical Items ==


Item 21 -- APS Videotape "Take Command of Your Railroad With Eye Control"

Contains 20 unique, fascinating, automatic controls demonstrations you won't find anywhere else, using time-delay electric eye relay system. 1-1/2 hr, 1991, by John Aaron.

NOTE: The APS Eye Control is no longer made, which is why this tape is designated as a "historical item".

This tape, contains 1-1/2 hours of fascinating demonstrations in N, HO, O, and G scale of the now-discontinued APS Electric Eye. To my knowledge, this is the first , and still the best, video demonstration of automatic controls. It includes operation of barrel loaders, automatic gateman, station stops, talking stations, interconnected loops, to mention just a few.

You can adapt these ideas to use with similar time-delay type units made by other manufacturers -- for example LGB's 53750 Automatic Timer, and the Dallee and Circuitron time-delay relay series. This tape is copied with permission of the owner, John Aaron of Marlton NJ.


Item 22 -- 'T1' Track Plan Set
(details in Section 22 - Track Plan Set)

14 of Denver's best, most convoluted display plans, from 12 ft square to 80 ft long. Most include photos (fifteen 11"x17" sheets, 1994).

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