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Photo 1 - A Model 205 (aka Model 165) automatic switching block, constructed Nov 2006, shown operating on the Loose Ties MRC multi-gauge display, Dec 2006 in Selinsgrove Pa.

This unit is shown operating on this layout in the Quicktime Video # 1.


Photo 2 - An Aristo Craft U23 diesel waits on the siding.



Photo 3A - An Aristo Craft diesel pulls onto the mainline.




Photo 3B - added 2/22/07 - This slightly narrower Model 206 Control Unit -- equipped with 2 rheostats -- supersedes the Model 205 Control Unit show in the other photos



Photo 4 - The "Initial Conditions" sheet reminds operators how to start the unit up at the beginning of the day's operations. The drawings have additional instructions for powering down the siding or the block or the complete controls.



Photo 5 - Showing rear (left) and front unit (right)



Photo 6 - Rear unit.



Photo 7 - Front unit.


x   x

Photo 8 - The Shiloh Signals 4-light target signal indicates all "states" of the control unit.



Photo 9 - Close-up of the control unit. Notice how it's built on a plastic-laminated template. The template is glued onto the wood base before assembly. Then parts and wires are positioned using the outlines on the template.



Photo 10 - The plastic-laminated template. The template provides built-in documentation of all wiring connections.



Photo 11 - Designer James Ingram -- shown Dec 2001 with an early design Model 202 (aka Model 163), built in 1992.

MPEG Movies - showing the above Model 202-Track Unit

  • MPEG Movie 1 -- 15 seconds, 320 pixels -- showing the above 2-track Automatic Switching Block in operation
  • MPEG Movie 2 -- 60 seconds, 160 pixels -- showing the above 2-track Automatic Switching Block in operation

Note the general principle of operation:

  • The switching block holds 2 trains in the yard, until the 3rd train on the mainline "releases" one of the trains in the yard.
  • The train on the mainline then enters the yard on the empty track.
  • This sequencing continues so all 3 trains take their turn running around the layout.


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