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Drawings below on this page
Sheet #4 - Track Unit Dimensions [below]
Sheet #5 - Track Unit Wiring
Sheet #7 - Parts List, Control Unit [below]
Sheet #8 - Parts List, Track Unit [below]
Sheet #9 - Template For Control Unit [below]the main drawing

The Drawings On This Page

This page shows GIF images of the drawings for the "template" Sheet 9 -- the key drawing -- and also Sheets 4 & 5 for layout and wiring of the track unit, and Sheets 7 & 8 Parts Lists.

The Other Drawings

For there are additional drawings for the previous and almost identical Model 205 (aka Model 165) yard, which can be viewed by using the links in the left menu bar for Pages E3 through E5. I suggest you browse these drawings.


Use the PDF versions for printing.  You can access the PDF directory via Page B6.

 Sheet 4 - Track Unit Dimensions


Sheet 5 - Track Unit Wiring

 12/9/2009:  Added missing mumper at TB7

Sheet 7 - Control Unit Parts List


Reminder: Use the PDF drawings in the PDF directory for printing, not these GIF images.

Sheet 8 - Track Unit Parts List


Sheet 9 - Control Unit Drawing


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