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Drawings below on this page
Sheet #12 - Schematic & Logic Disgram [below]
Sheet #16 - Initial Conditions [below]
Sheet #34 - Initial Conditions Label [below]

The Drawings On This Page

This page shows GIF images of the "Operating" drawings.

Sheet 16 "Initial Conditions" shows all the alternate "modes" of operation, depowered, automatic block only, automatic passing siding only; plus the normal mode of "automatic switching block".


Use the PDF versions for printing.  You can access the PDF directory via Page B6.

  Sheet 12 - Schematic

  • Note this & the next sheet are copies of the Model 205 (165) drawings,
    and have outdated Colorado addresses & phone numbers.
  • Note the below Figure 12g Schematic is not quite correct at Motor M2,
    as Motor M2 was flipped 180 degrees for the Model 206.


Sheet 16 - Initial Conditions


Sheet 34 - Initial Conditions Label

  • This label can be taped on the track unit as a reminder.
    You can see it in the photo on Sheet 4 Track Unit drawing.

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