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Model 402, 4-Track Zellner Yard (Largescale)

This Model 402 is the LATEST design, done in May 2006

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1. Overview
2. About The Drawings
-- Drawings --
Sheet 51 "Cover Sheet"
Sheet 59 "Template For Control Unit"
Sheet 61 "Parts List & Costs"

1. Overview


This drawing update set (added May 2006) is used to build a control unit for the 4-track Zellner Yard automatic switching block.

The "new" template Sheet 59 shown on this page, replaces the earlier & smaller template Sheets 9 (2 track control) & Sheet 39 (expansion from 2 to 4 tracks).

Too Many Drawings? (Drawing Overload)

You may find all the drawings confusing. You could probably build a 4-track unit using just two drawings: Drawing #59 (the template), and Drawing #38 (track wiring).

The other 15 drawings (parts lists, dimensions, initial operating conditions, etc) contain information that I have had to tabulate in the process of building my unit, and I thougt it might be useful to document it for future use.

When To Use This Model 402 Template

Use this Model 402 template if you want to build a 4-track control unit from "scratch".

When To Use The 1651 & 1653 Templates

If you already have a 2-track unit built per the Model 1651 design, then you can add the #1653 Helper Control Unit to expand from 2 tracks to 4 tracks, as described in Section D1, 4 Track Expansion.

2. About The Drawings

The 3 New Drawings

There are 3 new drawings as shown below
  • Sheet 51 "Cover Sheet"
  • Sheet 59 "Template For Control Unit"
  • Sheet 61 "Parts List & Costs".

The Remaining Drawings

For the remaining drawings, use the drawings from the previous 1654 design, as shown on web page F3. Browse the "Cover Sheet" following next, for a list of these drawings.

The PDFs

Use thee PDF (Portable Document Format) drawings in the next Section D2, if you want to PRINT the drawings. Note the PDF directory has the above three new sheets 51, 59, and 61; plus copies of all the applicable older model 1653/1654 drawings, required for a complete drawing set.

Drawing #51 - Cover Sheet


Drawing #59 - Template For Control Unit

This drawing is colored, and plastic-laminated, so you can cut it out, glue it to a wood base,
and attach all the parts and wires directly on top of their outlines.


Drawing #61 - Parts List & Costs

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