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1. About The PDF Drawings


Use these PDF (Portable Document Format) drawings if you want to PRINT the drawings. PDFs generally will print sharper than the JPGs or GIFs that are shown in the previous sections. . . . Pdf Help

Which Drawings To Use

There are approximately 22 drawings in the Model 402 4-track PDF directory.

The "template" drawing Sheet 59 is the key drawing, followed in importance probably by the "overall wiring diagram" and the "track layout drawing". The other drawings are for additional reference.

Template drawing - D402.59Pattrn

Overall wiring diagram - D165.38wiring

Track layout drawing - D165.35.4tracks

Assembly Manual - There is currently not a Step by step instruction manual for this Model 402, 4-track unit. Note that there are assembly manuals for the 2-track unit, and the expansion of the 2-track unit to 4 tracks.

The Rest Of The Drawings

You can browse the list of all drawings in the 'pdf' directory -- by using the following link:


Previous Drawings Used

Note that sheets 51, 59, and 61 are new for the Model 402 unit. The other PDFs are copied from the Model 401 directory.

2. Other Comments About The Drawings

When To Use The Model 401 (1651 & 1653) Templates (instead of using these Model 402 drawings)

If you already have a 2-track unit built per the Model 1651 design, then you can add the #1653 Helper Control Unit to expand from 2 tracks to 4 tracks, as described in Section D1, 4 Track Expansion.

Too Many Drawings ??

People sometimes complain that my drawing sets have too many drawings, and they are too confusing. The template drawing is the 'key' drawing. You could just use this drawing, and IGNORE the others. The other drawings are reference drawings - photos, track layout, schematics, initial conditions for operating, parts lists, building dimensions, signal layout.

Drawing Confusion ??

These drawings can be somewhat confusing, as they have evolved from one design to another design, and their usage overlaps from one unit to another unit. Assuming you are in the continental United States, the easiest way may be for you to call me on the telephone using the contact link at bottom (or email me a US phone number), and I can call you and give you my opinions, based on what you want to construct.

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