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A. Introduction

S Gauge, 2-Track Automatic Switching Block (Proj. 242)

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S gauge 2-track automatic passing siding, using American Flyer turnouts and automotive relays.

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A. Introduction

This 2-track S gauge "Automatic Passing Siding" was built in November 2008, and operated at the Nov 2008 "Toy Train Expo" in Williamsport Pa. The system uses magnets on the bottom of the locos/cars to activate a reed switch, which activates an automotive relay, which then throws the American Flyer turnouts. Automotive relays are used to handle the large amounts of current (estimated about 6 amps) required to operate a pair of American Flyer switches.

The previous 'Project 241' shows a video and wiring sketch for a system using the stock AF pressure-sensitive track trips.  The newer system with the relays is more reliable, as it's not dependent on the weight of any rolling stock.

B. Two-Train Operation (Automatic Passing Siding)

The next web page 'Page B, Controlling Two Trains' shows the unit in more detail. 

The three-part Video #659 shows the operation of an S gauge automatic passing siding, showing it controlling 2 trains on the same track.

C. Three-Train Operation (Automatic Switching Block)

The web page 'Page C, Controlling Three Trains' describes 3-train operation in more detail.  The addition of the RR-Concepts.com SIM (Switching Interface Module) upgraded it from 2-train to 3-train capacity

The three-part Video #660 shows the unit operating as a 3-train "Automatic Switching Block" at the April 2009 Susquehanna S-Gaugers SteamUp. 

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