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A. Scale Independent Product Sites (below)
  • The intent of this section is to include companies who offer products that are not limited to one particular scale, such as automatic train control systems, backdrops, command control systems, power supplies, scenery, software, etc.
B. LINK SITES-Sites With MANY Links (below)
  • Such as Largescale.com, Kalmbach, NMRA, etc. Use these links sites to get to O, HO, N, and Z scale sites.
C. TRAIN SHOWS and Other Rail Events (below)
E. Model Railroad PUBLIC DISPLAYS (below)

A. Scale Independent Product Sites

The acronym DCC used below stands for Digital Comand Control.

  1. Abracadata -- www.abracadata.com -- track layout software for Windows and Macintosh computers.

  2. Avalon Concepts -- www.avalonconcepts.com -- foam cutting tools and scenery materials.

  3. Crestway Corporation -- www.crestway.com/crestway2.htm -- Power Master power supplies

  4. Dallee Electronics -- www.dallee.com -- current-detection and infra-red detection/relay systems for signaling and AUTOMATIC CONTROL.

  5. Dunham Studions -- www.dunhamstudios.com -- builders of custom model railroad layouts. You can take a tour of the Station at Citcorp Center.

  6. Historical Video -- www.histvideo.com -- backdrops and videos. Backdrops scaled for N, HO, S, and O scales.

  7. Hotchkiss Manufacturing -- www.chatlink.com/~hotchkiss -- Clear Case display cases.

  8. North Coast Engineering -- http://www.ncedcc.com -- DCC products.

  9. PC Whistlestop For Windows -- http://members.aol.com/trollwise -- software to print scale building drawings from a color printer. Scalable from Z on up to G - including less popular scales like TT, OO, and S. Site has downloadable sample.

  10. QSI Industries -- www.qsindustries.com -- QSI 'SoundBloxx' sound modules for all scales.

  11. Rail-Mail.com -- www.rail-mail.com -- offers custom email addresses featuring railroad domain names

  12. Roecks Railroad Concepts -- www.RRconcepts.com -- Stationmaster train decelerator, Switchmaster switch controller, Switching Interface Module DPDT relay, for AUTOMATIC CONTROL. This web site has some great Java ANIMATIONS that depict trains in motion as controlled by these systems. (Looks like you could use these products to perform similar functions to the Ingram Autocontrols design, but electronically instead of electromechanical.)

  13. RR-Track for Windows -- www.rrtrack.com/rrtrack -- sectional track layout software

  14. Sandia Software -- www.sandiasoftware.com -- layout design software.

  15. Scale Models, Arts, & Technologies -- www.smarttinc.com -- "Museum quality custom model railroad builders".

  16. Softrack Systems -- www.softrack.com -- model railroad inventory softare for Macintosh computers.

  17. Stainless Unlimited -- www.stainlessunlimited.com -- stainless steel bridges, all scales.

  18. Tayden Design -- (long download time) www.tayden-design.com/hobby/hobby.html -- software for AUTOMATIC CONTROL of DCC systems.

  19. Testors -- www.testors.com -- model painting supplies.

  20. The Scale Card -- www.thescalecard.com -- Scale ruler.

  21. W. S. Ataras Engineering, Detection Tutorial -- http://www.wsaeng.com/Signaling_Solution/tutorial.html
    Tutorial discusses
    all systems of detection. Also produces current-sensing systems.

  22. Wangrow Electronics -- www.wangrow.com -- System One Digital Command Control

  23. Weyand Tracktronics -- www.mcs.net/~weyand/www/tractronics/ttinchom.html -- electronic block signal and switch control modules.



  24. Loys Toys -- www.loystoys.com -- Dealer for Digitrax DCC products.

    B. LINKS Sites

  25. Bowdidge Railroad-Related Internet Resources --

  26. Classic Toy Trains Manufacturers List -- www.kalmbach.com/ctt/HotLinks/HotLinks.html -- links to many O (3-rail) and S scale

  27. Model Railroader Manufacturers List -- www.kalmbach.com/mr/HotLinks/Manufacturers.html
    has a comprehensive list of links to COMMAND CONTROL sites

  28. Model Railway Control Concepts Exchange -> Resources -- www.magic.ca/~prodyn/resources.html

    Scroll down to Section titled"OTHER CONTROL HARDWARE - train detection, signaling systems, CTC panels".
    You could probably spend a month reading all the articles on this site.
    Lots of information on Command Control and Computer control.

  29. NMRA Electronics Links - www.rrhistorical.com/nmra/modelgen.html -- This link takes you to a page titled "Model Railroad Websites, then scroll down to the section titled "Electronics". Links to sites with info on DDC and other electronics.
    (Main site is

  30. NMRA Model Railroad Manufacturers & Products List --www.rrhistorical.com/nmra/manufac.html -- HUGE LINKS LIST of over 200 manufacturers

  31. Railroad Web Ring -- www.execpc.com/~slambert/WebRing/railroad.html -- this is the home page.

  32. Toy Train Exchange -- www.trainexchange.com -- classified ads for trains to sale, plus links to mainly 3-rail O gauge manufacturers

    NOTE: For addtional online exchanges and auctions, see Track2's Page 3 -- O Gauge Links .

  33. Trainlink -- www.formlink.com.au/trains.html -- Austrialian site

    C. Train Shows & Other Rail Events

  34. Saturday June 13 - Sunday June 14, 1998 -- Big Train Show -- www.g-scale.com -- Queen Mary, Long Beach CA

  35. Tuesday July 7 - Sunday July 12, 1998 -- 1998 14th National Garden Railway Convention -- www.bagrs.org/ngrc.htm -- Santa Clara CA


  36. Cardinal Video Productions -- www.cardinalvp.com -- Train Time TV Shows dedicated to the model railroad enthusiast. Interesting photos at http://www.cardinalvp.com/traintime/photo.html .

  37. Dollhouse & Miniature Shows -- www2.dhminiatures.com/dhm/Meetings/Meetings.html -- Nationwide calendar. Predominantly 1" scale, but some 1/2" and smaller scales.

  38. Great American Train Shows -- www.gats.com -- nationwide schedule; predominantly smaller scales; some G scale.

  39. Greenberg Great Train & Dollhouse Shows -- www.greenbergshows.com -- multiple locations, mostly east coast, plus CA

  40. Kalmbach Classic Toy Trains Nationwide Show Schedule -- www.kalmbach.com/ctt/Meetings/Meetings.html

  41. Kalmbach Model Railroader Nationwide Show Schedule -- www.kalmbach.com/mr/Meetings/Schedules.html

  42. Trains Unlimited Tours -- www.trainsunltdtours.com -- Railfan tours in North America and South America (GR 4/98 p 27)

  43. Tri City Shows -- www.usit.net/toytrain -- train-toy-doll shows in TN/VA area.

    D. National Clubs & Groups

  44. John Shaw's Railroad Clubs Of The World -- www.tfs.net/~jashaw/rrclubs/clubs.html
    This is the most complete list of clubs of all scales that I am aware of.

  45. Largescale.com Club Listing -- www.largescale.com/clubs/cl_index.htm -- lists almost every G scale Garden Railway club.

  46. NMRA List of Model Railroad Clubs -- www.rrhistorical.com/nmra/clubs.html

  47. Private Roadname Modeler's Sig -- www.prnm.railfan.net -- " The Private Roadname Modelers SIG is open to any modeler who is interested in "Railroads that Never Were,.....But Might Have Been"! We have no scale preferences or limitations. ".

    E. Model Railroad Public Displays

  48. Northlandz -- www.northlandz.com -- HO display, Flemington NJ.
    Quoting from the article in September 97 Model Railroader : "...the world's largest model railroad ...52,000 square feet, as much as about 20 large homes...135 continuously-running trains...The walk through the HO layout also takes you past a sizable Lionel O gauge layout and a G scale railroad."

  49. Additional links to displays at Classic Toy Trains, www.kalmbach.com/ctt/HotLinks/HotLinks.html#museums

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