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Posting Tips (for announcers)

1. Posting Address

  1. Send to: Track2-RailNet@yahoogroups.com . . -- you need to have announcers privileges to post

  2. Send me a copy the first few times, in case the post does not work right. You can use my address at the bottom of this page.

2. Suggested Subject Line Format

I recommend you format the subject line similar to "date, city, event" -- so people can discern the date and location at a glance.. For example
"Sat 6/7, Pine Grv Mills, Open House NTRAK " . . . . or

"Sn 11/30, Wmspt, Whistle Stop Show"

The Listserver automatically prepends the [Track2] subject tag onto the front of the subject line.

3. Other Recommendations

Flyers -- Please don't attach flyers unless they are in JPEG or GIF or PDF format, and compressed to below 100 K size.

Email Addresses -- I recommend you NOT include anyone's email address in the body of the message, as there is always the possibily a Spammer can get the address from the web archive page.

Yahoo will truncate your address if you're the sender in the FROM line, but addresses in the body are not truncated.

4. Test Listserver (optional)

Scope: You can practice sending messages to a dummy Listserver, before you post to the real Listserver.

The Track2-Test Listserver operates essentially the same as to the Track2 RailNet -- or any Listserver allowing html & attachments. The only difference is that you are the only one who is subscribed and getting the messages.

Browse Messages: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/track2-test

Subscribe: track2-test-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Just send an empty email -- no subject, no body

Unsubscribe: track2-test-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com


Post Message: track2-test@yahoogroups.com

You will automatically have "posting privileges" as soon as you subscibe.

Verifying The Message

Whenever you send a test message, you should do the following 2 actions to VERIFY the Listserver "broadcast" it:
  1. Check that you received a copy of that email back from the Listserver.
    1. It will be identified by the subject tag [Track2-Test]
  2. Verify it appears in the Listserver message archives at


test listsever for plain text

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