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Posting Email & Flyers

  •  Scope: How-To Information for posting email announcements & flyers on the Track2 Yahoo Listserver.

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A. The 3 Steps Subscribers Should Do (below)

B. The 5 Steps Email Composers (Publicity People) Should Do (below)

C. How To Format The Subject Line (below)

Reference Details

D. Other Possible Questions (below)

E. Checking Number Of Characters In Subject Line (below)

F. Posting Flyers (below)

Purpose Of This "Posting" page:

  • This "Posting" page is for mainly for publicity people, regarding sending emails to the Track2 RailNet Listserver to announce shows and open houses.
  • The Subject lines will be of a prescribed format, such that when the received emails are viewed by subject, the emails will display in order of event date.
  • This new system (as of May 2001) is intended to get the bottleneck (me) out of the process of maintaining show information, and empower any interested groups to compose and send their own show announcements, and optionally post their own flyers.

A. The 3 Steps Subscribers Should Do

Subscribers are requested do the following 3 steps:

  1. Create a new mail folder named "Track2-2001".
  2. File all future emails for shows in this folder.
  3. (Optional) If you have Eudora or some email program that does automatic "filtering", you can set up a "filter" to look for "[Track2]" in the subject line, and Eudora will automatically file these show messages in the 'Track2-2001' mail folder.

Results: Your emails should display similar to the screen capture shown in Figure 1 below.

B. The 5 Steps Email Composers (Publicity People) Should Do

  1. Verify the event location is within the boundaries of the Track2 RailNet, as shown below.
  2. Create an email announcement containing all information you want to tell about the event
    • The body of the message must contain at least one contact name and PHONE number.
    • The rest of the body can contain whatever information you want to include. (Such as Date 1: hours • Date 2: hours • CITY: Group--Event Name--address. Other special notes, such as Directions.)
  3. Format the subject line per the next section "Subject Line Formatting".
  4. Print it out, and read it over to make sure you haven't forgotten anything.
  5. Email it to me.
    • I will verify the format of the subject line is correct, and that the event is in fact inside the RailNet, and then send it to the Track2 Listserver.'
    • If any publicity people are comfortable formatting the subject line themselves, I can give them "posting priviledges", so that they can post directly to the Listserver without having to go through me.

C. How To Format The Subject Line

Figure 1 - Email Subject Line Example

Comments - Per The Above Figure 1

Open House: oStartDate-EndDate-City-Event_name
Show: . . . sDate-day-City-Event_name

Note the format for the subject line of the Open House announcement is almost the same as the Show announcement, except the following differences:

Other Notes

D. Other Possible Questions

Subject Line

Composing The Email

General Questions

  • Question: Who do I contact if any of this isn't making sense?
    • Contact me, Jim Ingram, at 570-477-2520, if you have questions.

E. Checking Number Of Characters In Subject Line

[Track2] o1124-0101-Bethlehem-Lehigh & Keystone Valley Open House
[Track2] o1209-10-Williamsport-10th Annual Toy Train Expo
[Track2] s0409sun-Lock Haven-Clinton Central Annual Spring Train Meet
[Track2] s1111-1112-Allentown-First Frost Train Meet
[Track2] s1203sun-Williamsport-Whistle Stop Train Show

F. Posting Flyers

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Track2 RailNet still be posting any FLYERS for clubs on the web?
    • I will continue the same free-of-charge service of posting flyers on the web page, for clubs that choose to continue participating in the Publicity Exchange, as detailed on the Publicity Exchange page.
  2. Where are the flyers currently located?

  3. Is there any way clubs can post their flyers THEMSELVES?
    • Yes. If a publicity officer joins Yahoo, they can upload files to the files area themselves. The main requirement for posting files is that you convert it to JPEG format, and follow the file naming conventions
  4. If I post the flyer myself, do I have to put the "track" note on the bottom?
    • No. The note is requested and appreciated, but not required when you do the entire process yourself.
  5. How much baloney do I have to go through to access this "files" area of Yahoo?
    • If you receive the emails, you are "subscribed" to the list, but this is not the same as "joining" Yahoo.
    • To "join" and have access to the files, you need to do the following:
      1. Click on Yahoos "join" link, (at and you'll be asked some nosey questions, and they will give you a Yahoo ID and password.
      2. You can then "join" the "Track2-RailNet" group. At this point, the Yahoo system will allow you to upload files to the files area.

  6. How difficult is it to upload files to Yahoo?
    • Uploading files is very straightforward. You (a) open a browser window in the file section (link above in the yellow box), (b) click the "add file" link, which opens a 'browse' window for your hard drive, then (c) you 'click on' the filename on your hard drive that you want to upload, and then (d) Yahoo software uploads it and it's done.
  7. How do I learn how to upload files to Yahoo?
    • Yahoo has an excellent set of help pages for uploading files ( Once uploaded, you can modifiy the filename and/or description, or delete the file, if you need to upload a new flyer.

Naming Flyers

Kinds Of Flyers Permissible:

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