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Webmaster Contact Info, James Ingram

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    Contact Info

    James Robert Ingram

    • Apache Junction, Arizona
    • Williamsport, Pennsylvania

    Snail Mail:

    1784 East Third St, PMB#357
    Williamsport Pa 17701-3868

    (FYI:  The above address is a UPS store, not my residence.)

    Voice Mail:  570-322-7597


    Please do NOT add this email address to your announcement lists.  It is a TEMPORARY public contact address, that is periodically CHANGED, to try to limit the incoming SPAM.


    Cell Phone calls:
    •  I can return calls within the continental 48 United States on my cell phone.
    • If you want me to call you, or you want to call me on the cell number, email me your phone number.
    • Alternately, I can email you my cell phone number, providing you identify yourself by name, phone number, and city you reside in.
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