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Forwarding Domain Names

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A. Overview
B. Advantages
C. Examples

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A. Overview

If you have, or are going to have, a web page; you might consider purchasing a "forwarding (redirecting) domain name" of the format   www.OurClub.com  from GoDaddy.com or 1and1.com or a similar registrar.

How It Works -- If you type a forwarding domain name into the address window of your web browser, it will forward --or redirect -- you to another address. It works similar to "call forwarding" on your telephone.

Price -- The price is about $9 per year from GoDaddy. There are also many other sellers of domain names you can use beside GoDaddy, but GoDaddy seems to be sort of a pioneer in low cost domain names..

Name Variations --Note they also have a tool which lets you search for variations of the name you want, if the name you want is not available.

No Moving Sites Necessary --If you set up a forwarding domain name, you can forward it to an already existing site.  This means if you already have a website, and you want to set up a forwarding domain name, your website can stay right where it is now located.


B. Advantages

1. Better Name

Instead of typing a long address to access your website, which may be something like, for example
www.earthlink.net/~ wojtowiczski/personal/modelrailclubs/ourclub/main.htm

people can just type the "more professional sounding" www.OurClub.com or whatever name you choose.

The www.OurClub.com name is both easier to remember and easier to type.

2. Site can move, name stays the same

Your website can move to a different locaiton, but your official name www.OurClub.com stays the same.

GoDaddy allows you to change the forwarding of your domain name to a different location anytime you need to change it.  

You can change the forwarding yourself. To do so, you log in to Godaddy with your user id and password, and then, you type in the new address where  you want the domain to point forward to, then click the "Save Changes" button.


C. Examples

Example 1 -- LooseTies.com

We set up the forwarding domain name LooseTies.com  for the Loose Ties model railroad club in Lewisburg.

Note that  LooseTies.com redirects you to www.trainweb.org/looseties  

Note that this main part of the address is generally not case sensitive, and for most browsers, you can usually omit the "www." part.

I.e., you should be able to type any of the following names into your browser to make it work:


Example 2 -- SusquehannaSeniorNet.org

We set up the forwarding domain name SusquehannaSeniorNet.org  for the SeniorNet chapter that operates out of the James V Brown Library in Williamsport Pennsylvania.

Note that  SusquehannaSeniorNet.org redirects you to http://www.lycoming.org/seniornet/index.shtml   .

.org or .com ? -- Note that some nonprofit organizations use the .org extension (.org is for organization), but some people prefer the .com (.com is for commercial). Technically an organization should use the .org extension, but some people prefer the .com extension because it's the first one that comes to most peoples' minds.

Other Examples

BallroomDances.net -- forwards to www.track2.com/ballroom
SinglesDances.net -- forwards to www.track2.com/singles
SwingDances.net -- forwards to www.track2.com/swing
ParishHouseDance.org -- forwards to www.track2.com/parish
ScrantonDanceNet.com -- forwards to www.scrantondancenet.com

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