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Printing PDF Files

What Is PDF

PDF is the abbreviation for Portable Document Format. PDF is a widely used, universal format for distributing all types of brochures and catalogs.

The Advantage: . . A PDF file usually prints sharper than a JPEG or GIF file, especially for text. Text on JPEG & GIF files tends to print fuzzy.

Viewing & Printing PDF Files

If you're browsing a web page, a PDF file should open in Acrobat Reader, when you click on the link to it in your web browser.

If you received a PDF file as an email attachment, the file should open in Acrobat Reader when you click on the name of the attachment.

If It Does Not Open

However . . . if your browser or email program cannot automatically start Acrobat Reader . . . then you will have to probably do the following:
  1. Download the file to your hard drive,, using the "save as" or "save to disk" command
  2. Start Adobe Acrobat Reader,
  3. Using Acrobat Reader's menus, use the "file" --> "open" command.

Acrobat will allow you to both view or print a PDF file.

Obtaining Acrobat Reader

You probably already have Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader on your hard drive.

Look for "acrobat".in your "programs" menu.

However . . . if you don't have it, it is available as a FREE download from Adobe at:


Follow the directions on their web page.

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