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Consumer Reports

ConsumerReports.org -- has a 'shop online' feature, but you have to be a paid member to access it

Rated In Comsumer Reports

Per Consumer Reports 12/05 Money Adviser page 6, re shopping-comparison web sites:
"We rated the six biggest shopping -comparison sites, plus relative newcomer Become.com." . . . "The top three performers in rank order were Yahoo Shopping, Shopping.com, and Froogle."

1. YahooShopping.com . . . "Note: Yahoo has a business relationship with CONSUMER REPORTS." . . . Yahoo Shopping and Froogle earned the highest scores for finding the lowest prices, but both got low marks for safeguarding consumer privacy."

2. Shopping.com . . . "Shopping.com came in third on pricing, but its overall score was raised by top marks in ease of use and clear disclosure of business relationships with merchants."

3. Froogle.com

4. PriceGrabber.com

5. Become.com

6. Shopzilla.com . . . "Shopzilla was the most vague about business relationships with merchants."

7. Nextag.com


Consumer Reports 12/05 magazine page 18, rates of Internet Electronic Stores as follows:

1. Crutchfield.com . . . Crutchfield, a catalog and Web site that had the best online information and navigability and great selection, received an exceptionally high score.

2. Amazon.com . . . Two of these online retailers, Amazonl.com and JR.com, offered the holy grail of shopping;: low prices and wide selection.

3. Costco.com

4. JR.com

5. Buy.com

6. Dell.com

7. CircuitCity.com

8. BestBuy.com

Macintosh Computer




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AutoTrader.com used automotive prices

KelleyBlueBook.com used automotive prices


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