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Video - D&H Riding The Rails

24 minutes with music (37 MB)
Videotaped 10/2005 by Matt Hoppes (
on Fred Cupp's D&H Adirondack Branch, Williamsport, Pa

This video is a Quicktime Movie in "web streaming" format.
It should begin playing shortly after it begins downloading.

You need Apple's free
Quicktime Player installed to view it.

Some Comments From Matt re making the movie
. . . Note the page may not scroll properly until the movie fully loads

At 8:12 AM -0500 11/3/05, Matt wrote:

The video was made using a Samsung DV camcorder and a random wireless camera which I purchsed off of E-Bay and use primarily with my model planes. We attached the camera pointing backwards on a flatbed car and pulled that car with a locomotive, which ran infront of the train we were filming. If I remember correctly, Fred was in control of the main train, and I was controlling the camera train.

The wireless receiver was plugged into my Samsung camcorder to record all of the "wireless" shots. Due to the small apature of the wireless camera and lack of sunlight in Fred's basement the shots are a little dark, you'll see it lighten up when I switch to using the Samsung camcorder to do filming at the end. Once the video was on the camcorder (about 2 hours of raw footage!!!) I imported it into Adobe Premier ver 6.5 on Windows 2000 via FireWire. (Wish it ran on Linux, or Mac ran on IBM..... but I digress).

Once on the computer that 2 hours of video footage was cut down to the 6 minute video you see. I did some tweaks with light (to try to lighten the dark wireless camera up), and made it black and white to give it an authentic "old" look.

When you are watching the last part of the video with the long coal train, every time you hear a bell or whistle, that's really coming from the train and was not dubbed in by me. People are always very suprised when I tell them this!

More Comments Re The Darkness

Yeah, I've tried to lighten it up but then it begins to get washed out. If you set your monitor up a bit brighter (depending on how you normally run it) it looks ok... and the end (when I used a real camera) looks fine. It was just that little wireless camera and a lack of light on the layout. There is a colour version that is a bit brighter.... but I thought the B&W made it look better.

Comments Re The "Streaming"

I am just using a regular server... however! It took me a while to figure this out. Instead of just posting to the .mov file, post to an html file that contains something like this:
<EMBED SRC="TrainMovie.mov" WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=376 AUTOPLAY=true CONTROLLER=true LOOP=false PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/">

That will take care of putting the file on the webpage and making it start. Now, the next part is probably the most important. When you save/export your creation to a .mov file see if you have an option for "Streaming From Web" or something along those lines. Adobe Premier does and if I don't save it like that it will not start immediately.

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