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Volunteers Needed

This page describes volunteer opportunities with Susquehanna SeniorNet.


  • Susquehanna SeniorNet is run 100% by unpaid volunteers like yourself.
  • To carry out its teaching mission most effectively, SeniorNet needs your help.
  • Hours and days vary. If you are a senior and would like to be considered for one of several positions listed below please call the Library at 326-0536, and ask the desk attendant to put your name and phone number on the "SeniorNet Callback List".
  • We will train you.


This position includes teaching computer classes on a variety of subjects. Classes may include Computer Fundamentals, Computer Applications, Internet, Graphics, Word Processing, Spread Sheets, Data Base, and Genealogy.



This position includes assisting the instructor and individual students.


Lab Monitor

Duties for this position include monitoring the lab while students from various computer classes practice thier skills. Hours are currently from 1 pm - 2 pm Thursdays. Appointments can be made with the Lab Monitor for other times.



This position includes helping in any way with stuffing envelopes, copying,addressing envelopes, filling binders with class lessons, and other help. Hours are flexible and are on an as-needed basis



This position includes helping get email addresses added to the Yahoo announcement Listserver, and sending messages over the Listserver.
(added 12/04/2004)


Parking Tickets

Instructors, Coaches, and Council members who get parking tickets in the lot behind the library, while performing SeniorNet duties at the Library, can have their tickets taken paid by SeniorNet.


Put your ticket in an envelope, mark it "SeniorNet Parking Ticket", take it to the front desk, and ask the desk attendant to put it in the SeniorNet drawer. SeniorNet will pay for the ticket.

Note that for tickets not related to SeniorNet, the Library will not pay, but you can get a discount if you pay them in person at the Williamsport Parking Authority office at 144 W 3rd St, which is located on the bottom level of the Midtown Parking Deck, also at 144 W 3rd St.

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