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Old 2002 Miscellaneous Links

A. Williamsport, Pennsylvania Links

I. Locator Links

B. Map Drawing Sites
C. Phones-Reverse Number Search
D. Phones-Yellow & White Pages
E. Search Engines
F. Other -- High School Alumni Locators
II. Other-Links
G. Financial & Consumer
I. Travel Links
J. Other Misc. Links

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Bandwidth Speed Test -- The links to these sites keep changing. Use google.com, and search for the phrase "bandwidth speed test".

Bandwidth Test at CNET -- http://webservices.cnet.com/Bandwidth

A. Williamsport, Pennsylvania Links

Williamsport/Lycoming County Chamber of Commerce -- Williamsport.org

Lycoming County Visitors Bureau

Susquehanna Valley Community Net -- http://www.lycoming.org -- courtesy of The Williamsport Area Computer Club -- links to many Lycoming County Pa area businesses and organizations.

(Note that their complete listing shows you all the entries.)

Williamsport On-Line -- Williamsport-pa.com

Williamsport.com -- Williamsport.com

Williamsport Sun-Gazette Newspaper -- SunGazette.com


I. Locator Links


B. Map Drawing Sites

Mapblast! -- http://www.mapblast.com/yt.hm?FAM=mapblast&SEC=start --

MapQuest! -- http://www.mapquest.com/

Microsoft Expedia Maps -- http://maps.expedia.com/

C. Phones-Reverse Number Search

Lets you discover who belongs to a phone number


AT&T Anywho Info -- http://www.anywho.com/rl.html

AT&T 555-1212.com -- http://www.555-1212.com/rev.jsp

infoUSA -- www.infousa.com

D. Phones-Yellow & White Pages

Bell Atlantic White Pages (individuals) -- http://wp.bigyellow.com/info.bela/index_ppl.htm

Bell Atlantic Yellow Pgs (businesses) -- http://www.bigyellow.com/search.html

Excite People Finder -- http://www.excite.com/reference/people_finder -- for finding individuals; this uses phone company databases, can also draw maps.

Infospace.com --

Lycos WhoWhere? People Finder -- www.whowhere.lycos.com/Phone

Switchboard.com Find A Person -- www.switchboard.com/bin/cgiqa.dll?LNK=3:1&MEM=1

U S WEST White Pages -- http://wp.uswestdex.com/cgi/search.fcg?form=ResWhite&from=

U S WEST Yellow Pages -- http://yp.uswest.com

E. Search Engines

  1. Most of these are "search the search engines"

Ask Jeeves -- www.ask.com -- can accept natural language queries

Dogpile -- www.dogpile.com -- Super Search Engine, calls about 10 other search engines, including Excite, Yahoo, etc.

GoTo -- http://goto.com --

Google -- www.google.com --

hotbot -- www.hotbot.com --

Metacrawler -- www.metacrawler.com --

Northern Light -- www.northernlight.com

Profusion -- www.profusion.com --

Teoma -- http://www.teoma.com

Webcrawler -- www.webcrawler.com -- search voyeur, you can see what other people are searching for

F. Other-High School Alumni Locators

Find people by selecting State, then City, School, and Year.

High School Alumni Locator -- http://www.highschoolalumni.com --

  • To view classmates' names: You can view names only without registering.
  • To view email addresses & cities: You have to register (free).
  • This appears at first glance to be the better site of the two because you can get useful information without paying, even though in my case, it had less names.
  • On 9/00, I found 2 of my classmates on this site.

Classmates.Com -- http://www.classmates.com --

  • To view classmates' names: You have to register (free).
  • To view email addresses & cities: Not available.
    • To contact anybody, you have to send the email through their web page, by upgrading to a $29.50/year paid membership.
    • On 9/00, I found 9 of my classmates names on this site.


II. Other Links


G. Financial & Consumer

Bankrate.com -- Credit Cards, mortgages

Cardweb.com -- Credit card info

Identify Theft Resource Center -- http://idtheftcenter.org


Dr. Koop -- www.drkoop.com

Medscape -- www.medscape.com

Abelltolls -- www.abelltolls.com/dayrate.htm

Cognigen -- www.cognigen.com

Decide -- www.decide.com

Frontier- 8 cents/min, no minimum, some service charges; instate can be considerably higher:

SaveOnPhone -- www.saveonphone.com

Telecommunications Research & Action Center -- www.trac.org

I. Travel Links


The TRIP -- http://www.itn.net/cgi/get?itn/pl/thetrip/air_round:*itn/ord=NEWREC,itn/pl/thetrip -- - one way and round trip airline flights

Preview Travel -- http://www1.previewtravel.com/Home/ --

Travelocity.com- -- http://travelocity.com/ -- airline tickets, hotel accommodations and car reservations online

========== GROUND ==========

Amtrak -- http://www.amtrak.com -- clumsy-you have to jump through the username & password hoops to get any imformation

Greyhound Bus -- http://www.greyhound.com/ -- (The Greyhound experience . . . in Dec 98 I took the bus from Pennsylvania to Florida. It felt like a transit experience from a third world country)

J. Other Miscellaneous Links

Executive Paywatch --www.paywatch.org

  • Runaway CEO pay?? Feel like your employer is 'sucking you dry' with unpaid weekends & evening overtime work, so that "Chain Saw Al" and the other 3-piece suits at the top can take their multimillion dollar salaries?
  • According to Executive Paywatch, "The ratio of CEO-to-worker pay has increased from 44-to-1 in 1965 to 326-to-1 today".

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