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This is the web page for the 'Central PA Mac Users' group aka 'Cpamu.com',
a Macintosh-oriented email discussion list open to
all interested persons in North Central Pennsyslvania

On this page below:
A. About Cpamu
B. Members' Info
C. Help & How-To Pages
D. Bandwidth Speed Tests
E. Mac Meetings
F. Links
G. Archived Info

Website Note: Two Sites are used. Most info is on this track2.com/mac site, but some info is also on the Cpamu blog site.

A. About Cpamu

  1. Cpamu Home Page (this page)
  2. About Cpamu.com
  3. Yahoo Discussion Group Listserver

      How To Subscribe  

    to the Central Pa Mac Users
    [cpamu] discussion Listserver

    The Cpamu.com domain name and "Yahoo Groups" Listserver
    are operated by Ben Rinehart, Lewisburg

  4. B. Members' Info

  5. List of Members' Websites (blog page B7)
  6. Meet the Members" videos directory -- under construction, only about 5 videos so far (that handsome face is not a movie star; that's an actual member, from the Craig Cirelli video)

    C. Help & How-To Pages

  7. (link fixed 9/5/08) How to Set Up a Rule in Apple Mail to Automatically Sort Incoming Mail into a specified mailbox (blog page B2). This is a MUST if you join the Cpamu Yahoo group -- otherwise the volume of mail will DRIVE YOU NUTS.

  8. On the SusquehannaSeniorNet.org website: Info for NEW Macintosh Users & Seniors
  9. On the SusquehannaSeniorNet.org website: List of Mac Tutors

  10. Mac Repairs & Consultants (blog page B3).
    The info is being updated from
    Old Mac Repairs page
  11. Screen Captures (blog page B4)
    This includes screen captures & SnapZproX. The
    Original Screen Captures page was written back around 2003 for OS 9, but the commands still work in OS 10.

  12. Some Mac Operations That Windows Cannot Do (blog page B5).
    You should ideally be familiar with these, or you can't really appreciate the advantages you have by using a Mac. This is an 'offshoot' of the
    Using Macs vs PC's (blog page B6)

    D. Bandwidth Speed Tests

  13. Speed Tests
    PcPitStop.com  (used by Craig Cirelli) updated 5/8/09
    SpeakEasy.net Speed Test (used by Scott Schramm)
    SpeedTest.net (used by David Smith)

    E. Mac Meetings

  14. Williamsport -


    The informal Williamsport Mac Meetup group meets usually the 2nd Wednesday, 7 pm in Williamsport at the Coffee & Tea Room
    TheOmnibus.org/room217/ ). Meetings are announced on the Yahoo Listserver. (Date corrected 6/1/2008.)

    Historical Notes:
    • This Mac Meetup group used to be officially part of Meetup.com, but it discontinued using Meetup.com because of the $9/month fee. Meetup.com still has an archive web page with the list of members and their photos.
    • The Susquehanna Mac Users group that met at Penn College several times in 2004 is inactive.

  15. Lock Haven - KcNet.org's Class Registration Page for Mac classes in Lock Haven (link verified 12/2007)

  16. State College - The Pa Apples MUG PaMug.org group meets the 1st Tuesday on Penn State Campus. (link verified 12/2007)

  17. Danville (Inactive) - The Danville Apple Pi group USED to meet the 2nd Monday in either Danville Middle School or Bloomsburg College, but this group has not had any meetings since early 2006, due to low attendance and "burnout" of the organizers.

  18. The Central Pa Macintosh User Groups page shows some additional info.
  19. Also try Apple's User Group Finder . But note that the informal 'Meetup' groups (example Williamsport) are not offical Apple User Groups, and thus won't show up in Apple's list.

    F. A Few Links

  20. Marrathon.com -- Our local connection to Apple Computer Co.
  21. Apple Product Specs: Pre 11/97 . Post 11/97 . . . . Apple User Forums
  22. Others: DealMac. . . . . MacInTouch . . . . MacSurfer . . . . MacFixIt . . . . MacWorld

    G. Archived Info

  23. Video Overview Mac Classes in Williamsport at First UM Church (made May 2007)
    . . . . . Quicktime . . . . . YouTube
    * The
    Church's website makes no mention of the Mac classes.
    * As of 6/2008, the Church was using these Macs just for tutoring (per staff member Karl Fisher).

  24. Some Misc iMovie notes from the Oct 2005 class at Jersey Shore Middle School

  25. Why Not Windows - Four informal interviews done back in 1999

  26. OUTDATED Links To Other Mac Resources
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