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 iMovie Class

Notes from the Oct 2005 Jersey Shore Class

iMovie Instructor Slater Harrison shown at left in photo
at Jersey Shore Middle School,
Technology Lab, Room D-141

Slater can be reached via the school switchboard
at 398-7400.


Below on this page:
1. Registration Information
2. Example Movies
3. Web Streaming Format
4. Movie Making Links
5. Camcorder Review & Purchasing Links
6. Misc Notes

1. Class Registration Info

Jersey Shore Adult Education Catalog -- pdf, has iMovie class description.

Contact person is John Wilt, Adult Education Director, (570) 398-7170 ext 1015.

2. Example Movies

  • You need Apple's free Quicktime Player installed
  • These have been exported from iMovie as Quicktime movies, in "web streaming format" see comments next section)
  • These should begin playing IMMEDIATELY if you have a high speed connection

Movie 11 - iMovie 10/27/05 Final Class

(2 min, 6 MB)

Movie 12 - 11/14/05 DAPI iMovie demo

(2 min, 3.6 MB)

Movie 42 - Mac Classes in Williamsport at First United Methodist Church (interview 5/4/07)

(6 min, 9 MB)

YouTube Version

Direct Links - DO NOT use these, except for experimentation. These links bypass the html pages with the "start playing immediately" code, and link directly to the movie.

You probably won't notice any difference if you're using Mozilla on OSX or XP, or Apple Safari on OSX. However, if you're using Explorer on either Mac OSX or Win XP, these "without" links will probably take longer to begin playing.

Movie 1 without html . . . . . . Movie 2 without html . . . . . . Movie 3 without html


3. Web Streaming Format

If you want to put a movie on the web, you probably want to think about web streaming format. Here is one way I am somewhat familiar with:
  1. Export the movie from your movie editor (iMovie on Mac, or Adobe Premier on Windows, whatever) as a "Quicktime" movie in "web streaming format". This compresses it down to a size small enough to work on the web.
  2. Embed it in an html file, and link to the html file. This should make it start playing immediately (see "direct links" comments in the preceding section). The notes below are provided courtesy of Matt Hoppes.

Comments Re The "Streaming"

At 8:12 AM -0500 11/3/05, Matt Hoppes wrote:

I am just using a regular server... however! It took me a while to figure this out. Instead of just posting to the .mov file, post to an html file that contains something like this:
<EMBED SRC="TrainMovie.mov" WIDTH=480 HEIGHT=376 AUTOPLAY=true CONTROLLER=true LOOP=false PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/">

That will take care of putting the file on the webpage and making it start. Now, the next part is probably the most important. When you save/export your creation to a .mov file see if you have an option for "Streaming From Web" or something along those lines. Adobe Premier does and if I don't save it like that it will not start immediately.


4. Movie Making Links

Codec -- Apple Quicktime Pro H264 Codec Description

Digitizing -- Macintouch discussion on digitizing video - page 4
Note earlier page 3 has discussion of
digitizing from 8mm and 16mm tape

Note the Canon ZR100 the school uses, with do "pass thru" Analog to Digital conversion -- i.e. you play from a VHS player into the ZR100 camcorder, and the ZR100 passes the digitized signal onto the computer -- described on page 72 of the ZR100's instruction book

DVD Production -- DiskMakers.com -- custom prints both DVD's and the plastic cases;
prices here

Music -- FreePlayMusic.com -- free music

Video Capture -- Snap Z Pro X -- records anything you can play on your screen, to an Mpeg file


5. A Few Camcorder Review & Purchasing Links

  • This section is NOT complete. Many links obtained by Googling "camcorder reviews".
  • Some price comparisions were done using the Canon ZR100 canmcorder.

Review Oriented

CamCorderInfo.com -- including
2004 Best Camcorders Under $400 and similar
Cnet.com Camcorder Reviews --
Editors Pick, Budget Camcorders
Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/10/05 = $237 -- "Canon's bargain-basement camcorder provides home-moviemakers with the tools to shoot surprisingly high-quality video, but good lighting is essential. (06/30/2005)"
Consumer Reports Nov 2004 printed issue rates the ZR80 24th (i.e.low) out of 26 tested
Note that tests are online, but you need a subscription and password to access them.
DealCam.com -- http://dealcam.com --
. . Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/10/05 = $299
DvSpot.com --
ePinions.com --

Reviews and Pricing --

Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/10/05 = $253
PC World -- Digital Duo streaming videos how to buy a camcorder --

Purchasing Oriented

BestPriceCameras.com -- (obtained via Bizarre.com )
Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/11/05 = $209
BuyersEdge.com -- (obtained via Mercata.com )
Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/11/05 = $215
MySimon.com --
Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/11/05 = $237
NextTag.com --
Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/11/05 = $235
PriceScan.com --
Lowest Canon ZR100 price 10/11/05 = $259

6. Misc Notes

Size Of Uncompressed Movie Files (from pg 253, iLife 04 The Missing Manual by David Pogue)
1 min = 228 MB
15 min = 3.5 GB
30 min = 7 GB
1 hr = 13 GB
2 hr = 28 GB

30 seconds -- length of time you can legally use commerical music on your home DVD

ScienceToyMaker.org -- inspirational toy-building projects for elementary & middle schoolers (Slater Harrison's website)

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