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Danville Apple Pi Meeting, 11/14/2005


You need Apple's free Quicktime Player installed to view this

This short 1 min 47 sec movie was made at the Monday 11/14/05 Danville Apple Pi (DAPI) meeting that demonstrated iMovie

If you were one of the people who attended, you may remember we briefly filmed you introducing yourself and telling where you were from.

Your "star performance" is now available on the web, in the above Quicktime movie which is in "web streaming format".

If you were not at this meeting and you view this movie, it may seem a bit DISJOINTED, as we were just assembling somewhat disjointed pieces. We were attempting to demonstrate the basic iMovie editing functions of splitting and cropping movie clips, rearranging them, adding titles and transitions; and then adding chapter markers and "handing off" the project to iDVD where we selected a "theme" for the menus, and then started "burning" the disk.

The ballroom dancing clip at the end of the movie, came from an analog VHS videotape, that was part of our demonstration of how you can use the camcorder to digitize your old VHS tapes (for example, tapes of your kids from many years ago when they were small), and then import them into iMovie and edit them, to preserve them in digital form.

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