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Scope: List of all web pages contained in Track2 Ballroom

1 - BallroomDances.net Home Page

2 - Site Map -- this page

==North Central Pa==

3 Ballroom Groups -- Contact info, clubs & studios

4 Legions,VFWs -- List of some mostly non-ballroom places to dance -- Eagles, Legions, Moose, VFWs, and some public restaurants..

5 Directions -- To some of the above dance locations

6 Country Western -- Contact info

==Other Pa==

7 North East Pa -- Contacts for Scranton region

8 South Central Pa -- incomplete list of contacts for Harrisburg, York, Lancaster, and Allentown region

9 LINKS - for groups outside the Central Pa region


The Track2 DanceNet Listserver is for both ballroom and singles announcements for North Central Pennsylvania region
10 Subscribing -- links to subscribe or unsubscribe

11 Posting -- Tips on sending a message to the Listserver

12 Msg Archives -- These are in the "Messages" area on the Track2-DanceNet Yahoo eGroups Listserver. You can browse announcements sent by publicity people, announcing dances and classes

13 Help -- Some comments about Listservers

==Other Dance Pages ==

Contra & International; Square & Round

Related Pages On Track2.com

SinglesDances.net -- Contact info for Singles groups in Central Pa

SwingDances.Net -- Some reference info for basic West Coast Swing steps

Entry Pages

0 Track2 RailNet Entry Page (Track2 Home Page)

Track2 DanceNet Entry Page for dance info


Ballroom Reference Pages

Dance Floor Etiquette Flyer (Antlers)

Rotation Policy (Denver CO studio)

Triple-Step East Coast Swing Review Notes (Track2 )

Comments About The Types Of Dances

Older Pages - No Longer Updated

Handout For Subscribing to Track2-Ballroom Yahoo eGroup (Listserver) -- PDF Format for Printing w/Adobe Acrobat
Download Acrobat here

Reciprocation Note For Posting Flyers

Ballroom Dance Schedule -- Dances in the North Central Pa region

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