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Country Grps
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A. Index Of Clubs-Alphabetized
B. Index of Clubs-Geographical
C. Club Information
Appendix D -- Other Places To Dance
Appendix E -- Instructors & Other Contacts
Archive -- defunct country groups (new window)

A. Index Of Clubs-Alphabetized

Clubs Listed Below In Section C

Anthracite Rose Country Western Dancers -- Scranton (Dupont)
Bassett's Restaurant -- Bloomsburg
Bear Country Wranglers -- Williamsport
Bill Country Stompers/Rose Street Station -- Williamsport
Boot Scooters -- Harrisburg
Bunkhouse -- Kreamer
Canyon County Kickers -- Wellsboro
Country Thunder DJ Service -- Selinsgrove
Halloween In Harrisburg -- (yearly competition event)
Lakeside Ballroom -- Barneville (So. of Hazleton)
National CW Dance Links
Nittany Kickers -- State College
Spinning Spurs -- Elizabethville

Freestyle versus Choreographed versus Line Dancing

Most of the Central PA country western groups seem to do predominantly line dancing, with some choreographed couples dances, but do very little free-style couples dancing.

However, the following groups do some couples free-style: Boot Scooters, & Nittany Kickers.

B. Index-2-Geographical

Same list of clubs as 1st Index-but ordered by geographical region

This list is ordered from west to east for North Central PA, then from west to east for Central PA

1. Wellsboro
1a. Wellsboro--Canyon County Kickers
2. State College
2a. State College -- Nittany Kickers
3. Williamsport
3a. Williamsport --Bear Country Wranglers
3b. Williamsport --Bill Country Stompers/Rose Street Station
4. Selinsgrove
4a. Kreamer--Bunkhouse
4b. Selinsgrove--Country Thunder DJ Service & Lessons
5. Bloomsburg-Barnesville
5a. Barnesville (So. of Hazleton) -- Lakeside Ballroom
5b. Bloomsburg -- Bassetts Restaurant
6. Scranton
6a. Scranton (Dupont) -- Anthracite Rose
7. Elizabethville-Harrisburg
7a. Elizabethville -- Spinning Spurs
7b. Harrisburg -- Boot Scooters
7c. Halloween In Harrisburg -- Annual October competition event
8. National CW Dance Links
8a. UCWDC United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC)

C. Club Information

Ordered By Geographical Region

1. Wellsboro

1a. Wellsboro -- Canyon County Kickers

Contacts -- Instructor Steve Hoover, 570-376-5560 (4/98 S Hoover)

2. Mifflintown-State College

2a. State College --Nittany Kickers

Nikki Matson, 814-342-3590

Robin Harsomchuck weekdays from 9 am-2pm at 814-237-2363

Vanessa Coudriet, 814-765-3280

Dance Location -- Ferguson Township Lions Club, Pine Grove Mills

Dance Dates -- Usually once per month on Saturdays, 8 pm - 12 pm, with lessons periodically.

Club Mailing Address -- Nittany Kickers, P.O. Box 1124, State College PA 16804-1124

Other Information --$6 cost for nonmembers. Dues $12.50 single, $20 couple. Group does both line and freestyle couples dances (updated 3/1/00)

3. Williamsport

3a. Williamsport -- Bear Country Wranglers

Contacts -- Organizer, Mary McCracken, 570.326.7660. Or member Dave Engle at 570.745.7236.

Dance Location -- Hillside Assisted Living, 2725 Four Mile Dr, Montoursville

Dance Dates -- Practice is usually 6 pm-8 pm, 2nd, 4th, and when available 5th Mondays. Often performs at nursing homes on 1st & 3rd Mondays, over selected events.

Other Information -- Performing group, does couples & line dance exhibitions. Sponsor station is WQBR Bear Country 99.9 FM - but no info on website as of 8/03 (8/03)

3b. Williamsport -- Bill Country Stompers

Website --
(see website for possible upcoming CLASS dates)

Contacts -- Instructor, Sue Wilcox, 570.320.0368

Dance Location -- Rose Street Station, 1307 Park Avenue, inside the Raytown Outlet Square, Williamsport

Dance Dates -- Every Tuesday evening, classes 7:30 - 8 pm, dancing afterward

Other Information -- $5 cover charge. This group does primarily line dancing. Group sometimes has additional information on sponsor radio station WBYL's website
(updated 9/2006 per W. Engel)

4. Selinsgrove

4a. Kreamer -- Bunkhouse

Contacts -- Instructor, Gary Auten, 570-374-1349, or Barb

Dance Location -- Bunkhouse, located adjacent to Gary's home in Kreamer, north side of Rt. 522.

Dance Dates -- Saturdays plus others

Other Information -- (2/02/99 G Auten)

4b. Selinsgrove -- Country Thunder DJ Service & Lessons

Contacts -- Country Thunder DJ Greg Schambach, 570-837-5104

Dance Location -- Provides both music and line dance instruction at various locations around the area, such as Kreamer, Williamsport, Selinsgrove, Lykens, Sunbury, Northumberland.

Dance Dates -- Fridays, Saturdays

Other Information -- (2/20/99 flyer)

5. Bloomsburg-Barnesville

5a. Barnesville (So. Of Hazleton) -- Lakeside Ballroom

Website --

Contacts -- 570-467-2630
(web address corrected 9/2006 by J Ingram)

5b. Bloomsburg -- Bassetts Restaurant

Website --
(note dance days on restaurant's website are out of date)

Contacts -- Bassett's Resaurant, (570)-389-7980 , Offices (570) 784-7300

Dance Location -- Bassett's Resaurant, 12 Robbins Road, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 (located on Rt 42 between Millville and I-80).

Dance Dates -- usually every Thursday 8-11, Friday 9-12

Other Information -- The instructori is Denny Starr. I've attended the beginners nights. This is a great format for beginners -- Denny walks you through EVERY dance before the music is played.
(updated 9/2006 per Ann, head bartender)

6. Scranton

6a. Scranton (Dupont) -- Anthracite Rose

AnnJane Cochran, 570-675-3343

Ron Minutes, cell phone 570-677-3048,

Dance Location -- Dupont Fire Hall in Dupont

Dance Dates -- Usually every Tuesday, 8 pm to 12, with instruction from 8 pm to 9 pm. Also other special dance dates.

Club Mailing Address --

Other Information -- $4 cost. (updated 6/21/00 R Minutes )

7. Elizabethville-Harrisburg

7a. Elizabethville -- Spinning Spurs 

Contacts --
Eric Kahler, 570-425-3548 (pr) (Dornsife)

Linda Smeltz, 570-758-8848 (vp) (Dornsife)

Heather Graybill, 570-374-1618 (sc) (Selinsgrove)

Denise Adams, 717-647-0984, (tr) (Tower City)

Diane Newman, 570-758-3222, (nl) (Herndon)

Jolene Fisher, 570-374-3940

Rich Sheetz, 570-286-7987 (Sunbury)

Dance Location -- Old Foundry in Elizabethville, plus various other locations.

Dance Dates -- see following email for some specific dates

Normally first Saturday at the Old Foundry in Elizabethville (even months), first Saturday at the Bunkhouse in Kreamer (odd months) -- except for holidays & conflicts with other dance events.

Club also dances selected Saturdays at other locations.

Usually lessons 7:30-8, dancing 8-midnight (at both Old Foundry & other events)

Club Mailing Address -- Spinning Spurs, c/o Heather Graybill, RR3 Box 156, Selinsgrove PA 17870-9442.

Other Information --

$5 at Old Foundry, varies at other dances. Yearly dues $12/person, $20/couple. Club is approximately 75% singles. Approx 2% freestyle, 98% line & chorographed couples. (updated 2/16/00, D Adams)

7b. Harrisburg -- Boot Scooters (CW)

Website --


Michael Diven 717.436.6756, cell 717.250.4000 (pr) (has email)

Vic Conner 717.483.6458 (nl) (has email)

Deb Librandi 717.545.0138 (has email)

Kristina Windish 717.329.7386 (has email)

Dance Location -- Holiday Inn, Exit #80 on I-80, Grantville (Winners Circle Saloon), and others.

Dance Dates -- see their website

Club Mailing Address -- Boot Scooters, Box 293, Grantville PA 17028

Other Information --. . (updated 5/2004 courtesy M Divens)

7c. Harrisburg -- Halloween In Harrisburg -- This is a world championship UCWDC Country Western dance competition & instruction event, held annually near the end of October. For 2006, it's Nov 3-5
(web address corrected 9/2006 by J Ingram)

8. National Country Western Council

United Country Western Dance Council -- -- International schedule of major CW events.

E. Instructors & Other Contacts

Appendix D -- Other Places To Dance

Williamsport -- Rose Street Station

Occasional line dance nights held here. Events announced by radio station WBYL on air and on their website

Dance Location -- 1307 Park Avenue, inside the Raytown Outlet Square

Appendix E -- Instructors & Contacts

Some of these instructors are connected with groups above, some are not.

Andrews, Bob & Donna, 570-864-3835 (taught at West Side Ballroom)

Andrews, Carol, h 570-326-5902, w 570-322-4710 or 322-3503, x309. 2349 Northway Road, Williamsport 17701. {Teaches West Coast Swing, former leader of Rose Street Wranglers demo group.}

Auten, Gary, 570-374-1349. {Bunkhouse}

Country Thunder DJ -- see 'Schambach, Greg' below

DeHart, JoEllen, h 570-323-5200, w 570-321-2215 , used to teach at Antlers

Diven, Michael, 717.436.6756, cell 717.250.4000, RR 5 Box 113, Mifflintown, PA 17059. Provides music and dance instruction for various functions within surrounding areas (has email) (updated 5/2004)

Fry, Harley, Muncy, 570-546-6935.

Greenland, Chuck & Charlene, h 814-237-2363 (Nittany Kickers)
Hopple, Jim & Michelle, Danville, unlisted phone, {Texas Two Step}

Hoover, Steve, 570-376-5560, Mansfield area, used to teach sometimes teachs at Antlers

Kaufman, Kurt, 717.436.6903, 717.436.8257. Mifflintown, line dance instruction

Kuntz, Gale, h 570-998-8116 {used to teach for Q Country Kickers

Linderman Dance Studio --

Record, Randy & Pam, Benton, 570-925-6332. Used to teache line and couples speciality at West Side Ballroom in Berwick. RR#3 Box 31-6A, Benton PA 17814.

Reis, Eileen, Williamsport, w 570-326-4785, used to teach at Antlers

Schambach, Greg, Selinsgrove, Country Thunder DJ, 570-837-5104, provides both music and line dance instruction at various locations in this area.

Starr, Denny, Buckhorn, 570-387-0629. Teaches couples and line dance at Bassetts's Restaurant on Bloomsburg

_m_ This page modified 9/15/2006 by (bottom include) , Williamsport Pa, Voice Mail 570-322-7597