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Ballroom Dances

As with many rural areas, the opportunities for classes and places to ballroom dance in North Central Pennsylvania are severely limited.

BallroomDances.net has two main objectives:

  1. Contacts -- Listing contact information for ballroom groups in the North Central Pennsyslvania region and sometimes slightly beyond, as shown by the below graphic. This is accomplished by the Ballroom Contacts page.

  2. Announcements -- Providing a free, no-obligation email announcement system for dance organizers to send notices to all interested subscribers. This is accomplished by the Yahoo Listserver.

Directions -- Directions to some dance locations are shown on the Directions page.

Singles Dances

  1. Dance Dates -- SinglesDances.net has the primary objective of listing dance dates for singles dances in the North Central Pennsyslvania region between Williamsport and Hazleton. This is accomplished by the Dance Schedule page.

  2. Contacts -- It has the secondary objective of listing contact information for singles groups in the North Central Pennsyslvania region and sometimes slightly beyond, as shown by the following graphic. This is accomplished by the Singles Contacts page.

  3. Announcements -- same as Ballroom above




Domain Names -- BallroomDances.net and SinglesDances.net are forwarding domain names that forward you to the Track2 DanceNet website at track2.com/dance.

Who Operates It -- Track2 DanceNet is operated by James Ingram in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I can contacted using the link at the bottom of each page.


The Track2 DanceNet was started about 1998 to organize information for nearby ballroom and singles groups. This developed first as a et of web pages. Two Yahoo Listservers were later created, one for ballroom and one for singles.

About June 2003 the two Listservers were combined into one Listserver, due to the headaches of trying maintain addresses for two Listservers, plus the fact that a lot of the announcements overlapped.











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