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Version 02, 3/18/2009

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Dear Announcer,

Sections Below:
A. The Two Biggest Announcer Offenses
B. Subject Lines
C. Sending Messages
D. More About Sending Messages
E. Misc
F. Links To Additional Info
G. Contacting The Volunteer Moderator
  1. Announcers who repeatedly ignore these next three paragraphs 2, 3 & 4; may be put on "moderated" status, or have their posting privileges suspended, to protect the "integrity" of the group.

    == A. The Three Biggest Announcer Offenses ======

  2. Too Large Attachment Size: Please try to limit attachment size to 100 Kbytes or less, whenever possible.
    REASON: Subscribers with dial-up telephone modems will be inconvenienced by the long download times.

    Any flyers or maps should be in the standard JPEG, GIF or PDF format, so people can open them (no MS Word attachments).

  3. Incomplete Subject Lines: A totally blank line is the worst offense. Please be courteous and include the city, date, and type of dance in your subject line.

    This Listserver reaches all the way from Berwick & Hazleton on the east, to State College on the west; so be considerate and tell the subscribers when & where the event is.
    * For example, married couples in Berwick probably aren't interested in attending a singles dance in State College, so be courteous and tell them it's a singles dance in the subject line.
    More details in next section.

  4. Off Topic & Superflous Emails: Please do not send emails unless they announce a specific event or events. I.e. please avoid the "have a nice day" emails or anything else "off topic". REASON: Subscribers unsubscribe themselves if they get too many useless emails. Photos of previous events are ok, but try to keep the attachment size limited to around 100 Kbytes.

    == B. Subject Lines ======

  5. Ballroom Dances: Since this Listserver announces primarily ballroom events, readers can assume it's a ballroom dance if you don't explicitly state "ballroom".
    Please include the city, day and date.
    Wmpt Ballroom Dance, Sat Mar 20, 8pm Pine St UMC
    Hazltn, Swing Fling Dinner Dance Sat Jan 2, 5:30pm Ferrara Ctr

  6. Line Dances: Please identify as "Line" dance, plus include the city, day and date.
    Wmpt Line Dance, Tuesdays 7pm Duboistown VFW

  7. Singles Dances: Please identify as "Singles" or "Sgls" dance, plus include the city, day and date, plus.
    St Coll Singles Dance, Sat Mar 21, 8pm Nittany UM Church

  8. Social Dances: These are dances open to anyone -- singles, couples, and casual dancers. Please identify as "Social" dance, plus include the city, day and date.
    Wmpt Social Fundraiser Dance Fri Feb 20, 8:30pm, FUM Church

  9. Abbreviating Cities: You can use these: Berwk for Berwick, Bloom for Bloomsburg, Danvl for Danville, Hazltn for Hazleton, Lewsbg for Lewisburg, St Coll for State College, Wmpt for Williamsport.

    == C. Sending Messages ======

  10. Sending: You send a the message to the Listserver, almost like you send an email to anyone else.
    Address: You send it to (case insensitive).

  11. Your Address Book: The above address should be in your address book as follows:
    Track2-DanceNet-Listserver <>. This prevents you from typing it wrong in the future.

  12. Sending From The Correct Address: In the "notes" section for that address, you should have the note "My posting privileges work ONLY for my one address '', and won't work for my other addresses.
    * Said another way, if you try to send an announcement to the Listserver using one of your addresses OTHER than the address for which you were given posting privileges, you will get an error message.

    == D. More About Sending Messages ======

  13. Send Only 1 Message/Delays: Your copy may come to your inbox almost immediately, or it may be delayed several hours if Yahoo is bogged down.
    Please do NOT send multiple copies of the same message, just because you don't get your copy right away; this will result in everyone receiving multiple copies.

  14. Verifying Reached Listserver: Note that every message you send, gets automatically stored in a publicly-accessible "web page archive". Thus you can verify it appears on the Listserver web page at

    Your message should usually appear on the Listserver web page fairly quickly after you send it, unless Yahoo is bogged down. Note it may take longer for all the individual messages to be sent to subscribers.

  15. Copy Yourself: You may want to send yourself a "blind carbon" copy (use the BCC button).
    The copy that comes from the Listserver will be identified by the subject tag [Track2] at the beginning of the subject line. The BCC copy won't have the subject tag, because it does not get sent by the Listserver.

    == E. Misc ======

  16. Stay On Topic: Please do not announce events located outside North Central Pennsylvania (unless it's a trip starting from here). Please do not send non-dance-related messages (except singles events).

  17. One Message Per Event: Please do not send multiple announcements for the same event.

  18. Don't Include Other People's Email Addresses w/o Permission: Please don't include anyone else's email in the body of the message, unless you have their permission to do so. REASON: There's nothing that prevents Spammers from subscribing to this list.

  19. Including Your Email Address In The Body: You can include your own email address in the BODY of the message . . . if you are willing to risk Spammers possibly being able to see it on the Listserver's web archive page.
    REASON: The web page archive USUALLY truncates email addresses in the body, but not always. See
    Message #25 in the test listserver as an example.

  20. Test Listserver: Note that there is a separate "Test Listserver" available for practice. If you like, you can practice sending messages to this dummy practice Listserver, before you post to the real Listserver.

    == F. Links To Additional Info ======

    ===HELP PAGES:
  21. Listserver Subscribing Page
  22. Ingram's web page 'About Yahoo Groups' (Listserver Help Page)
  23. Ingram's amateur YouTube Video About Yahoo Groups.
  24. Yahoo's Yahoo Group Help Pages
  25. Wikipedia description for 'Electronic Mailing List'
  26. Wikipedia description for 'Yahoo Groups'

  27. Track2 DanceNet [dances] Archives . . .
  28. MahoneyGram Weekly Summary Archives
  29. home page
  30. Blog Web Page Dance Schedule (available for use by contributing users)

    == G. Contacting The Volunteer Moderator ======

  31. Any questions not answered by this message,
    please call me on the telephone.
    (I do not like trying to conduct discussions by typing lots of email.)
    THANKS, Listserver Moderator, James R. Ingram, Montoursville PA
    Voicemail/landline: (570) 322-7597.
    Email address at bottom of
    Track2 Home Page