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Comments about Listservers and how they function
Contents BELOW On This Page:
1. Overview
2. Comments About Subscribing
3. Comments About Unsubscribing
4. Frequently Asked Questions About Yahoo Groups
5. More FAQ
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1. Overview

These Yahoo Listservers (also referred to as 'Yahoo Groups', ) are used by many organizations -- computer groups, dance groups, model railroad groups, etc.

They are sort of like radio stations for email. People can "tune in" or "tune out" as they wish, by "subscribing" or "unsubscribing" themselves.

Also, Listservers typically store messages in their archives. The message archives may be open to the public to browse, or require you to join.

The Listservers may be configured to be "announce only" or "discussion". Some groups have set up a Listserver for each.

As A Subscriber

A Listserver allows you to subscribe or unsubscribe yourself from a mailing list, simply by sending an empty email to a computer.

When your email address changes, you can conveniently update it for all Listservers, by updating your Yahoo profile just once.

As An Announcer

A Listserver (aka Yahoo eGroup or others) keeps your mailing list secure in one location. It (theoretically) helps keep it up to date automatically -- allowing people to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves whenever they list.

The Listserver distributes a copy of every message you send to each subscriber

It also keeps a copy of it on a permanent archive web page so that your announcement is displayed -- like a billboard on the internet highway -- for everybody to see.

Yahoo has an extensive Groups Help Section to answer your questions.


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2. Comments About Subscribing

You can at any time, subscribe to these Yahoo Groups Listservers, by sending an empty email to the appropriate addess.
By "empty email", I mean no subject and no body.

You will then get a message from Yahoo, asking you to reply to confirm your subscription.

After you reply to that 1st message, you will get a 2nd message from Yahoo confirming your subscription.

Yahoo's Comments About Subscribing

(the above is from http://help.yahoo.com/help/us/groups/groups-19.html )


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3. Comments About Unsubscribing

You can at any time, unsubscribe from these lists, by sending an empty email (no subject, no body) to the appropriate addess.

You will then get a message from Yahoo, asking you to reply to confirm your un-subscription.

After you reply to that 1st message, you will get a 2nd message from Yahoo confirming your un-subscription.

Warning!! -- If you use multiple email addresses, you need to make sure you send the unsubscribe email from the particular address you want unsubscribed.


4. Frequently Asked Questions About Yahoo Groups

How Do These Yahoo Groups Listservers Function?

In a nutshell: Designated publicity people can email a message to the Listserver, and the LIstserver distributes it to everyone who is subscribed to the group, plus records the message on an archive web page.

Why don't you just use your personal address book, and skip the Yahoo baloney?

There are the following distinct advantages of using a Yahoo Group instead of a personal address book:
  1. Unsubscribing -- People can unsubscribe (or subscribe) themselves any time they like -- without even having to contact the list owner.

  2. Addresses -- The Listserver keeps the email addresses in one central location, independent of any one individual's computer. So all senders are using the same, up-to-date address book.

  3. Web Archives -- The List Server automatically stores previous messages on web page "Archives", so you can find information that was sent out, even if you're away from your own computer.

  4. Bad Addresses -- The List Server automatically deletes "suspends" email addresses that start bouncing, which frees the list operator of the task of tracking down bad emails.

What's the difference between a "Listserver", an "eGroup", a "Yahoo Group", and an "automated mailed list" or "list"?

All these terms refer to essentially the same thing -- an automated mailing list system that people can subscribe and unsubscribe to.

There are numerous other companies besides Yahoo running similar automated lists, but from what I have read, Yahoo is considered one of the better ones.


5. More FAQ

Why might I want to use the above "Subscribe"links -- instead of Yahoo's "Join This Group" link ?

Using the above "Subscribe" links is simpler than "Joining". Either way works to get you added to the email list.

If you use Yahoo's "Join This Group" link, you have to have a Yahoo ID. To get a Yahoo ID, you have to answer several questions.

I recommend you subscribe first -- using the above links, and then later join if you need to.

Why would I want to join a group, if I'm already subscribed?

You would need to join, if you want to access the files or photos area, or to change your settings, for example to change from "individual emails" to "digest" form of message delivery.

What If I'm Not Sure Whether I'm Subscribed Or Not?

Just use the Subscribe links included on this web page, and try to subscribe again. If you already were subscribed, you will almost immediately receive an error message from Yahoo, telling you that you already are a member.

How Hard Is It To Get Unsubscribed?

It's easy. Just use the unsubscribe links included on this web page, you will almost immediately receive a notice from Yahoo that you have requested to unsubscribe. The email will request you to 'Reply' to confirm your unsubscribing. Once you reply, you are off the list.

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