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How to send messages on the Scranton DanceNet

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A. Posting Steps
===== Reference =====
B. Background Info - Things You Should Know
C. Address For Posting
D. Message Guidelines
E. verify message reached Listserver (Optional)

A. Posting Steps

Sending an announcement message to the Listerver is pretty much like sending an email to anyone else, except for a few special steps for your first few messages.

Posting Steps

Step 1: Body-- type in your announcement like a normal email -- please observe the Guidelines below in Para D

Step 2: Subject -- If applicable, I suggest including the (a) date, (b) location, and (c) event in the subject line,

Step 3: Address -- Send to: ScrantonDance@yahoogroups.com -- details below in Para C

Step 4: BCC Yourself -- details below in Para C1

New Announcers

Step 5: BCC me at shoot-all-spammers@track2.com -- details below in Para C3

Step 6: SEND the message.


Step 7: You should receive your BCC copy almost immediately (since it goes directly from your computer to your ISPs mail server and back to you)

Step 8: Eventually you will receive a copy of the message from the Listserver in your email inbox.

The copy that comes from the Listserver will be identified by the subject tag [ScrantonDanceNet].

===== Reference =====


B. Background Info - Things You Should Know

This Page Is For Dance Announcers

This page is for people:
  • who have are already subscribed to the Scranton DanceNet Yahoo Listserver. . . [How do I subscribe?] . . [What is a Listserver? Help]
  • the Moderator Joyce Knott has given them "posting privileges"

The Listserver Moderator attempts to prevent Spamming and other improper usage by giving posting privileges only to "approved senders".

The Posting Process

When you "post" (send a message) to the Listserver, it then distributes your message to all subscribers.
Yahoo scans your message for viruses, adds the headers and footers and sometimes their advertisements, and sometimes changes your fonts and indentation in unexpected and undesired ways.

Test Listserver

Note that there is a separate "Test Listserver" available for practice. You can practice sending messages to this dummy practice Listserver, before you post to the real Listserver. I recommend you try your first message on this test listserver.


C. Address For Posting

Send your announcement to: ScrantonDance@yahoogroups.com

Put this address into your address book, so you get it right the next time.

C1. Copy Yourself

Send yourself a "blind carbon" copy (use BCC button).

C2. New Announcers

Copy -- Send me a "blind carbon" copy (use BCC button) the FIRST few times you post. REASON: If the post does not work, then I can examine what you sent.

You can use my "public" address at the bottom of this page
( shoot-all-spammers@track2.com ).
Put this address into your address book, so you get it right the next time.

D. Message Guidelines

Including Your Email Address In The Body

You can include your own email address in the BODY of the message . . . if you are willing to risk Spammers possibly being able to see it on the Listserver's web archive page.

REASON: The web page archive will truncate the sender's address in the FROM line, but it may display email addresses in the BODY. See message 25 in the test listserver as an example.

Including Other People's Email Addresses In The Body

Please don't include anyone else's email in the body of the message, unless you have their permission to do so.


Please don't attach photos or flyers unless they are in JPEG or GIF or PDF format, and they are compressed to total size no larger than 100 K.

Curbing Abuse

Announcers who repeatedly break the above guidelines, may have their posting privileges restricted or removed.


E. Listserver Delays

Inbox Delays

Your copy may come to your inbox almost immediately, or it may be delayed up to several hours if Yahoo is busy or down.
Please do NOT send multiple copies of the same message, just because you don't see your first copy right away.

Verify Message Reached Listserver

Whenever you send a message, you can perform the following 2 steps to verify the Listserver "distributed" it:
  1. Verify it appears on the Listserver web page at
  2. Check that you received a copy of the message from the Listserver in your email inbox.
    It will be identified by the subject tag [ScrantonDanceNet]

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