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DCC Contacts

  • Scope: This page lists club, groups, and individuals in Central Pa who are involved in DCC.

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Contents This Page

1. DCC Contacts In Central Pennsylvania (below)

2. A Few National DCC Resources (below)

3. Some Fred Cupp Opinions On Some Of The Different DCC Systems (below)

1. DCC Contacts In Central Pennsylvania

2. A Few National DCC Resources

A Few National DCC Resources

3. Some Fred Cupp Opinions On Some Of The Different DCC Systems

Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 10:13:15 -0500
From: "Fred B. Cupp" <fbcupp@e.....>

As a closer, I will include a quote from a message on the net just this morning, by Ed Loizeaux. He is one of the three authors of the book "Digital Command Control" the Comprehensive Guide to DCC.

Subject: Why NCE was chosen.....
> I am curious why you choose NCE 
In my case, the following factors influenced me (not necessarily in any order of importance):
1. Personality of the owner. NCE's owner is an active O scale modeler with a keen interest in prototypical operations. Owners of other firms may have an interest in trains, but are not actively modeling. Some owners really turned me off with their attitudes. It is easy to meet owners at the annual NMRA National Convention & Train Show.
2. Best manual on the block. Easy to comprehend by the non-technical person. 
3. NMRA conformance certificate for nearly all products. Strong public support for the NMRA program instead of carping about it like a certain other DCC firm.
4. Empathy for any managerial-level professional engineer working a secure job with a large corporation who voluntarily gives it up to become self-employed making model railroad equipment for the rest of us to enjoy. Crazy reason, perhaps, it relates to my personal life as well. Wanted to help out.
5. Conviction that all the rah-tah-doo about "get off the bus" was a bunch of hooey.
6. Detailed technical support was easily available without the need to deal with a bunch of non-technical lower-level folks prior to receiving the desired answer.
(Jim usually answers the phone himself. He says he handles an average of 85 calls per day!) [Fred]
7. I liked the other users/customers of the NCE system. I got "good vibes" from them. Some users of competitive systems just couldn't relate to my specific situation and/or questions. You can get an idea of the personalities by lurking on various DCC e-groups lists. Ask a loaded question or two and evaluate the responses for yourself.  
8. Everyone else in my local area had already chosen NCE. I could get lots of help quickly if help was needed. But no help was needed and so it didn't really matter. Quick phone calls to NCE once in a while resolved all the questions.
9. Appreciation for NCE's philosophy that being first to market is less important than having a product that works. Simply works! Not some of the time, but works all of the time. Other firms rush things to market and then spend the next two years debugging it. I don't need that at all. I can wait a while until the design is solid and armor plated. No rush. Lots of other things to do in this hobby. Ballasting 600 feet of mainline track takes time. Groan.....
The above list is not in any order of importance. I am not generally impressed with all the technical whiz-bang features touted by some firms. I just want to run trains with an absolute minimum of hassle. My hobby is not electronics tinkering.
Hope this helps.
Ed Loizeaux

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